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Elaine started work for a large UK banking group in 1978. She progressed through the various departments of the Bank including three secondments in the training team, and in 2009, Elaine become a Team Leader in the Private Banking Centre of Excellence in Sheffield.  Initially responsible for the Training & Development of the 40+ staff, she also took over the management of the Administration team and 4 members of the sales team.  The closure of the Centre in 2010 brought redundancy for Elaine.


In the mid-1980’s, Elaine joined JCI in Rotherham and has, over the years, taken part in and organised many major projects and events. In 1991, she became President of the local group and in 1996 Chairman of the Yorkshire Junior Chambers. Elaine subsequently went on to hold 3 National Officer positions.


During her time in Learning & Development and through Junior Chamber, Elaine has developed a passion for training, fervently believing in developing people and having a burning ambition to guide, mentor and facilitate others to reach their full potential. She attended the Junior Chamber PRIME (Train the Trainer) course in October 1998, which was incredible - hard work, long hours, inspirational, energising and crammed full of what she needed.


Through JCI, in the late 1980’s, she met a man called Scott White - at that time he was working with a large American training organisation.  By the late 1990’s when Elaine came across him again, he was self-employed. He has asked her to join his business as an Associate Trainer, a role she assumed in 2000.


This experience was, undoubtedly, the catalyst for Elaine being asked to become a facilitator within the bank she worked for.


Elaine saw launching Effective Works Ltd as the next logical step in her career path. The firm was established in 2010 and has a small client base. 


Since 2011, Elaine has been contracting to various major financial companies, delivering bespoke training workshops and undertaking project work. 


During the latter part of 2011 and early 2012 this saw Elaine conducting a full training needs analysis, designing a training package and delivering this to the Complaints Department of a major international bank (Santander UK) and following up with full evaluation.  This project was subsequently entered for a 'Training Journal' Award, the entry being shortlisted with only 5 others in the same category.


Santander have been so delighted with her work that they have retained Elaine on contract for further major projects with the Fraud department and several smaller design and delivery projects - including Team Building, Time Management, Running Effective Meetings and People Management.  Her profile within the company has expanded and, in 2013, she undertook to design a two day face-to-face workshop around Basel Credit Models for the Corporate and Commercial Credit Risk team - this included 5 pre-workshop e-simulations and a post course eLesson refresher.


That work was extended to include a series of modules covering Derivatives and Credit Risk, where her engagement with key stakeholders and SMEs within the business was crucial. Elaine also worked on a major systems transformation project, designing and delivering the training to the Front Office and Credit Risk staff in the Corporate and Commercial space.


Her most recent contract was delivering change management sessions to a newly formed Business Banking Team, to prepare them for their new roles.


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