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Bespoke Training


Workshops of anything from 30 minutes to full day can be designed and delivered to the client’s specifications, to include Induction, Sales, Customer Service, Handling Complaints, Coaching for Success, Running Effective Meetings and People Management.  These can be fairly generic or incorporate specific processes and procedures for the company.


For full day workshops run at external venues, further costs may be required for refreshments and hire of the venue. 


NLP based seminars:

The process now called Neuro Linguistic Programming began in 1972 with two Americans - John Grinder and Richard Bandler. They were studying success and specifically, why some people enjoyed incredible success and excelled at whatever they did and why some others merely ‘got by’.


Their interest lay in copying, or modelling, the approaches used by the successful people and others whom they admired to see if they, too, could reproduce the same consistently high levels of success.


Most of the people they studied could not explain why they were successful and so the two decided simply to study them. Grinder was a linguist by training and could understand various language patterns - this gave them a means of listening to the nuances in their subjects’ language.  Bandler was a mathematician and programmer and this training in structure & sequence provided a means of coding what they studied.


Running Effective Programmes

Amongst other things, Bandler and Grinder discoverred that 'successful' people often had a similar outlook on life and on their interactions with others and, fundamentally, that they could think themselves successful.  This is Positive Mental Attitude with Attitude

In this short introduction, you will learn why you need to, consciously, create your own 'right', or necessary, state of mind and how to do so.  We will use some examples from the real world of when this has happened, including some personal ones.

As part of the demonstration, we will see what true focus on something can achieve and think about what that means for the people who take part as well as those who observe.

Duration - 75 minutes


Effective Communication - the basics of sensory communication and how it can help build rapport.

Another key aspect of NLP comes from the discovery that, whilst we all use all 5 senses of touch, hearing, sight, smell and taste, most people have a preference to use one more than the others.  This preference reflects in the way we speak, the words we use and the body language we demonstrate - even in the environment we choose to live and work in.  The most successful people don't - they naturally use a mix of all, enabling them to create rapport more easily.


If we are to truly understand another person and build a relationship with them, we need to decipher if they have a preference and be flexible enough to adapt our communication so that they understand us first.


This session is used to identify if the participants have a preference, how to identify if someone else has and gives practical tips for helping each person get on better with others.

Duration - 60 minutes


Effective Goal Setting

Be it life, or work, goals, this session looks at the importance of stating one's goals, capturing them in picture/model form and gives a process to work through to ensure that they are the right goals for that person.


Given that the 3% of one year's Harvard Graduates who wrote down their goals became wealthier than the remaining 97% put together, there is a strong correlation between goal setting and success.

Duration - 90 minutes to 3 hours dependent on requirements


Other Workshops:


Effective Self-Confidence

This seminar can be delivered to a group or used for one-to-one coaching.

Time is spent considering what confidence is (and isn't) and what qualities a 'confident' person has - we then learn to mirror/match those qualities, behaviours and body language to start to become more confident ourselves - we teach our brain what 'confident' looks, sounds and feels like.

Duration - 60 minutes


Effective Time Management

With life becoming ever more complicated and rushed, many people complain that they haven't time to do various things - from picking up the kids to taking exercise.  In this programme, we explore what Time Management means and look at some key tips and tools for helping each delegate to be more effective in the finite time that we all have.  One important factor to bear in mind is that this session covers the crucial fact that we all must make more time for ourselves.

Duration - 90 minutes


Effective Leadership

Not everyone is a born leader - most people can, however learn how to lead effectively and this workshop is the first step.  Exploring the nature of leaders, their skills and qualities, their characteristics, we can start to model out the best bits of the leaders we have encountered.  We will also take a walk through some theory of leadership types and how to apply different types to different people we have to lead.

Duration - 60 minutes - 3 hours


Effective Team Building 

Covering the basics of defining 'team', looking at the 5 stages of team building, the building blocks for a successful team and encompassing some of the theory around team roles and including activities to drive home the theory.

Duration - 3 hours


Effective Presentation Skills

This, entry level, seminar will prepare delegates for simple and effective presentations using basic tools such as flip charts and power point.  Suitable for anyone who has never presented before or who has a less than successful time in the past

Duration - 90 -120 minutes dependent on numbers


Effective Memory Skills

Remembering names, things to do, a shopping list and where all the family need to be is a skill many of us would like to improve upon.  This taster session provides the delegates with a proven method for remembering many things at once, engaging all the senses to help them do so.

Duration - 60 minutes


Customer Charter

A one day workshop exploring what constitutes Customer Service, how to handle Customer Complaints and how/when to Seek Referrals - delivering excellence in all these subjects should be central to any business and yet, sadly, many businesses lack the know-how to prevent customer dissatisfaction.  There are some very simple steps which anyone can take to get this right and this day will provide the foundation for huge improvements.

Duration - 1 day


Running Effective Meetings

For many of us, the thought of attending or running a business meeting can be daunting - they often are seen as a waste of valuable time.  This sessions unpacks the key elements which make a meeting successful and also explores what it takes to be a good chairman of a meeting.  This is a fully interactive session with time to practice the skills.

Duration - 3 hours


Dealing With Complaints

In these days of increased focus on customer service, some comanies will find that their complaints numbers have risen.  In these sessions, we will explore how to effectively deal with complaints in a way which leaves the customer feeling fully satisfied.  There are a number of modules to this programme, some of which may not be appropriate for your business - the exact content will be designed to meet your explicit needs.

Duration - 1 - 3 days


Workshops for Community/Membership/Charity Groups

Effective Project Management

A natural step on from the team building sessions, although available as a standalone module, this seminar looks at the 5 steps of project management for a community project - and gives some excellent ground rules for success.  For community and membership groups, an element of planning a successful programme of events and building a management team can be built it.

Duration - 45 to 75 minutes


Effectively Introducing Speakers and Giving a Vote of Thanks

'. . and can we thank Bill in the usual fashion' - how insulting for the speaker - he is just ordinary, run of the mill, nothing special!  In this brief session, we will cover how to effectively introduce a speaker so that the audience are keyed up to listen and how to thank them in a way that just might have them coming back.

Duration - 75 minutes


Effectively Putting Back the Passion

Too many committee meetings are stale and ineffective, some disintegrate into a debacle of members arguing and in-fighting.  To be truly effective in meetings of any kind, there needs to be order and an understanding of certain rules - this ensures thatthe meeting flows, that everyone gets their say and that some real actions result.

Using Robertson's Rules of Order, this workshop explores how meetings can be effective.

Duration - 60 minutes


Effective Debate Training

For anyone who has the opportunity to take part in public speaking or debating, I would say 'seize the day' - what an incredible way to build your communications skills, self-confidence and influencing skills.  Debating is used by many membership socities as a way of developing members and this workshop will cover some of the basics such as the kind of rules you might be faced with, how to prepare, how to debate and how to summarise.

Duration - 45 - 120 minutes dependent on numbers


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